About Us

About Us


An empowered generation of journalists equipped with the knowledge and tools for solutions-based reporting



We are youth-driven non-profit, building the next generation of journalists in Africa through training, mentorship and experiential peer-to-peer learning



The Media Challenge Awards, Media Challenge Academy, The Inter-Institutional Media Challenge, The Media Mentor-ship Programme


Our team is made up of a collective of exquisite young men and women who are deeply passionate about creating the next generation of Journalists through offering knowledge and solutions based skills. We come from diverse backgrounds including Radio, Television, Communication, Creative design, strategy, and research.


We believe that good journalism can make the world a better place

We believe that the next generation of journalists is very essential in defining the future world through the stories they tell and how they tell them

We believe that journalists can change the world by covering systems that work and help replicate them in other places.

We believe that it’s no longer enough for journalist to just report about the Challenges of our time. We believe if we want to forge solutions to the greatest problems that our communities face Journalists must facilitate solutions and create a dialogue that ignites change